Discover the Best Carving Knives and Bring out your Multifaceted Self Today

For easy food preparation at home, it is essential to have the right kitchen tools. More importantly, you need to find the best carving knives as they can slice, chop, and cut through anything as you prepare your next barbeque.

Most people normally use their knives for multiple purposes in the kitchen but this is not the best way to go. For passionate cooks who know the convenience of having the right cutlery for easy food preparation, finding a quality carving knife is indeed important.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the best carving knives and how you can use them to harness your cooking skills.

Top Pick

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The Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving knife is our top pick as it is made from Japanese steel. It complements other kitchen cutlery effortlessly as it is layered for better reliability and resilience. This knife has 16 layers that makes it robust when compared to other carving knives. What’s more, it has an appealing Damascus steel appearance.

Another feature that makes this knife a popular choice is that it features an impressive 16-degree cutting edge. That means it is easy to sharpen and will retain its cutting ability longer, while the narrow angle blade allows you to slice and cut with detailed precision.

Budget Pick

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Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife is an excellent option for those who are on a budget. It is perfect for slicing and cutting meats. Whether you plan to use it to prepare ham or turkey for delicious sandwiches, it’s important to buy a knife that can cut with speed and precision. The Victorinox model is ideal for all occasions and the best thing is that it is budget friendly.

The knife’s superior performance is made possible by the sharp Granton Blade. The knife has grooves along the edge, which allow air and juices to penetrate through each slice thereby preventing food from sticking on the knife.

Best carving knives review

1. Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Balanced and lightweight
  • The high carbon stainless steel offers better durability
  • Precision designed Japanese steel
  • Better resilience and comfortable Pakkawood handle

The Shun Classic Carving knife is a quality cutlery made in Japan with durable stainless steel. Additionally, the knife is properly layered to enhance reliability and resilience, and this gives the blade a longer lifespan. With this versatile knife, it’s blade is layered on both sides, which makes it robust when compared to other types of cutleries.

Another feature that makes this knife a popular choice is that it features an impressive 16-degree cutting edge. That means it is easy to sharpen and will retain its cutting ability longer, while the narrow angle blade allows you to slice and cut with detailed precision.

2. Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Sharp edge for slicing quickly
  • Comfortable plastic handle for better control
  • Long blade is designed for versatility
  • High quality carbon steel construction
  • Granton blade allows smoother cutting

This knife is often used for slicing and cutting meat. And if you want to prepare ham or turkey for delicious sandwiches, it is important to use a quality knife with speed and precision. The Victorinox knife is perfect for any occasion.

The knife’s superior performance is further enhanced by its sharp Granton Blade. The blade is perfectly designed with grooves along the edge, which allow air and juices to penetrate through each slice. This prevents food from sticking on the blade when cutting meat. And unlike most slicing knives that often cut uneven meat slices due to friction, this is not a concern when using the Victorinox slicing knife.

Put simply, the knife allows you to cut thin meat slices. And the best thing is that the knife offers versatility and can work amazingly well on all food types, be it sandwiches or meat. Moreover, the knife adds precision and speed to the slicing process, and will help you accomplish your tasks with ease.

It’s handle is made from rugged plastic for better control so that you can prepare your meals faster and smarter. The knife also has a rounded tip that is perfect for cutting through meat slices with minor effort.

3. DALSTRONG Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Stain resistant
  • Flexible blade makes it quicker and easier to cut meat
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Easier to sharpen

This superior carving knife is not only sharp but it is constructed with flexible blade technology that makes it quicker and easier to prepare the meat slices you desire. And it is easier to trim, skim, and debone your meat.

Since most German products have exceptional quality, the DALSTRONG carving knife is superior in its own way. It’s blade is constructed from German steel, which has been polished by hand and this gives it an attractive sheen.

Popular for its versatility, this carving knife is easy on the hand and allows precise cutting. Moreover, it allows you to prepare even meat slices without shredding or ripping, and is ideal when preparing barbeque for a large family.

The DALSTRONG blade is easy to clean and sharpen, and it stays sharper longer. It stays cleaner longer and is stain resistant as well.

4. J.A. Henckels Classic Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Has a luxurious Pakkawood handle
  • Better durability and sharpness
  • Works efficiently without sticking on food
  • Flexible blade allows for multiple uses such as boning, chopping, and cutting.

The J.A. Henckels Classic Carving knife is a great option for carving ham, poultry, roast, and turkey. Made with premium stainless steel, this versatile knife offers a blend of balance, sharpness and durability. What’s more, the blade is easy to sharpen and the sturdy riveted handle enhances maneuverability.

It’s full tang construction makes it the most durable and affordable cutlery on the market. Also, it provides balanced weight while preventing the risk of injuries. But though it is safe to clean in the dishwasher, it is safer to wash by hand. A first rate option among carving knives, this versatile model will enable you to cut the thinnest meat slices.

The grooves designed on the blade will prevent food from sticking onto it, and thereby allow you to work faster. And it’s nice looking Pakkawood handle enhances functionality as it allows better control. Since the blade has extra flexibility and hardness, it is suitable for multiple tasks such as boning, chopping, slicing, carving, and cutting.

Nonetheless, since the handle is shallow and narrow, it is more suited for those with smaller hands. If you have bigger hands, it might be better for you to consider buying a knife with a wider handle.

5. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Stain and rust resistant
  • Cutting edge stays sharper for longer
  • Made from durable carbon stainless steel

It is frustrating when you have to sharpen your knife and notice the blade has a chip that is tricky to remove. Fortunately, the Zwilling J.A Henckels model is an all-purpose knife that is enjoyable to use for passionate cooks. Therefore, if you want a knife that can retain its sharpness and shine longer, this is an excellent choice for you.

This versatile carving knife is corrosion resistant and is easier to clean as well. When you buy this quality knife, you never have to worry about chipping, denting or discoloration. The knife is made from high quality stainless steel that keeps rust at bay. Additionally, it’s blade will remain sharper for longer.

You can use the knife to prepare fine cuts of hams, poultry, roasted meats and so much more. The thin blade also allows you to cut more precisely.

6. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • The edge maintains sharpness longer
  • Expertly made for easy movement
  • Bolster offers precision and durability
  • It’s ergonomic handle isn’t easy to break
  • Made from high quality German stainless steel

The Mercer forged carving knife is made from carbon stainless steel and this makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. And since the blade comes with a flexible tapered edge, it’s edge will maintain its sharpness longer as compared to other steel cutlery.

On the other hand, it’s handle is made from synthetic material that is resistant to oils and liquids you use in your kitchen. With an ergonomically designed handle, it is easier to handle the knife when cutting meat.

The knife has a balanced design for ease of movement while it’s bolster prevents injuries when slicing meat. Overall, this expertly designed carving knife is suitable for a variety of tasks such as slicing, chopping and cutting.

7. Wusthof Classic Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Full tang construction enhances durability
  • Ergonomically designed handle offers ultimate comfort and balance
  • The riveted handle makes the knife more sturdy

The versatile Wusthof carving knife is strong and durable, and allows you to perform multiple chopping tasks effortlessly. It is considered a must have cutlery in your kitchen, and will come in handy when preparing a barbeque.

The knife has all the essential features of a standard carving knife. And if you want to add an all purpose knife in your cutlery set, this is the best option for you. The Knife’s blade is 10 inches and is handcrafted expertly to provide strength and ultimate comfort, as well as balance when slicing your meat.

The riveted handle makes the knife sturdy while providing comfort, which is essential if you spend long hours in the kitchen. Additionally, the knife is made from full tang construction for premium quality and increased durability. 

8. Sedge Japanese Pro Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Triple rivets provide longevity and optimal strength
  • Resistant to rust and wear
  • Elegant Damascus design
  • The handle is comfortable for better grip and ease of use

This pro carving knife is extremely sharp and is constructed from premium Japanese steel. The knife is built by excellent craftsmanship and it is suitable for multiple tasks in the kitchen. Additionally, it’s high quality military handle is a blend of tradition and innovation, which offers better grip and ease of use.

The triple rivets enhance longevity while ensuring the knife has optimal strength. And since it is made from premium Damascus stainless steel from Japan, the knife is not vulnerable to rust and wear. Most importantly, the knife’s elegant blade is constructed through ancient Samurai craftsmanship while the handle is visually appealing.

The knife comes with a money-back guarantee against damages, and if you aren’t satisfied with the product 100%, you can exchange it for another type of kitchenware.

9.  Global 12.5-Inch Flexible Slicing Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Corrosion and stain resistance
  • The flexible shallow blade is exceptionally agile
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and sharp cutting edge

The knife is made from premium stainless steel and this offers it remarkable corrosion and stain resistance. It is durable and the cutting edge maintains its sharpness longer. And since the blade is ice tempered when sharpened at a 15 degrees angle, it offers superior cutting performance at all times.

Additionally, the shallow and long blade is agile and flexible, and is suited for multiple tasks like carving bone in meats like turkey or harm. The handle has the right weight that delivers balance and better overall control. Constructed to a perfect finish, the knife has a clean surface and its ergonomic design offers a secure grip and better control.

The knife also has a lifetime warranty that comes in handy against manufacturing and material defects. With its narrow sharp edge, the knife is suitable for slicing salmon, poultry, and roasted meat. It is lightweight and properly balanced as well.

10. Cutluxe Slicing Carving Knife – 12 Inch Granton Edge Kitchen Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Bolster offers accuracy and protection while cutting
  • Versatile performance
  • Full-tang constructed blade is balanced for ease of use
  • Precision designed blade

Most premium carving knives are usually made from Japanese or German steel. These high quality materials are crafted to produce a knife that will last a lifetime without regular sharpening. If you are looking for such a knife, then the Wusthof Classic knife is the best option for you.

You only need to re-sharpen it occasionally and the blade will retain its edge longer. Made from premium German steel, this is the best carving knife that stands the test of time. It’s handle is made from Hostaform – a quality synthetic plastic designed to last longer.

The handle is riveted to ensure the knife doesn’t break even when you chop or cut vigorously. Moreover, the knife’s bolster and riveting enhances its overall balance, and allows better control and ease of use. Straight from the box, the knife is razor sharp and will retain its edge longer than most carving knives.

Overall, it’s ergonomically designed handle and sharp blade makes it excellent for slicing, cutting, and chopping. The knife offers you amazing control in the kitchen even if your hands are greasy or wet.

Things to consider before buying carving knives

If you are thinking about buying a carving knife to enhance your cooking skills, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are useful tips that will help you to identify the best quality carving knife for home use.

The Budget

Before you invest your hard earned money on any carving knife, you should first compare multiple kitchen knives based on their features and prices. That means you need to have a budget in place before you shop for a carving knife. Remember that carving knives come in different designs and prices often vary. While some are expensive, others are moderately priced.

Choose a quality carving knife

You should look for a specific carving knife that is perfect for home use. You don’t have to buy several carving knives for home use. Just identify one quality carving knife that you can add to your kitchen set!

Identify a knife with a durable and strong blade

If you are shopping for a premium carving knife, you should look for a knife with a strong blade. As a suggestion, you should compare carving knives made from durable material such as stainless steel. And even when considering investing in an electric carving knife, you should look for a knife with a strong and durable blade that will serve you longer and can do the job effortlessly.

Do thorough research

Before you head to the store to buy a carving knife, it is always advisable to do thorough research so that you can identify the right brand that manufactures quality carving knives. And while there are different brands of carving knives out there, you should only settle for a brand with a trustworthy reputation based on positive customer feedback and the range of quality products that they make.

Find a product with a durable handle

While the blade is the most essential part of a quality carving knife, a comfortable handle is also important. That said, you should look for a carving knife with a comfortable grip for ease of use. This will give you better control while cutting or slicing meat.


Always remember that safety is of the utmost importance when choosing any type of knife. Since most carving knives are usually sharp and narrow, you should find a knife with an ergonomic design for extra safety when slicing meat.

Blade construction

For clean, smooth cuts that ensure juices remain inside the meat during cutting, you need a knife with some sort of flexibility. For example, blades that bend easily are perfect for making ragged, shaggy incisions. Conversely, stiff blades are often difficult to use and they have a tendency to move away from the cutting plane.

With that said, stamped blades are lighter with more flexibility as compared to forged blades. And since they require minimal labor during construction, they are generally cheaper than forged knives. However, a stamped carving knife will still have the rust, corrosion, and rust resistance you can get from a forged blade, but might not be better in terms of strength or durability

Overall, for better slicing and carving, stamped knives have remarkable sharpness and strength, and hence not suitable for normal use. Generally, you should choose carving knives with more flexibility for ease of use. Remember that knives designed for boneless cuts might be more rigid.

What is the right blade length?

Another aspect you need to consider is the blade length, and most carving knives usually range between 7 and 13 inches. Knives with a short blade aren’t suitable for cutting large pieces of meat, and you might have to tilt the blade to the right when cutting. But knives that are too long can be bulky and awkward.

A good blade length should correspond to your largest roast. And if you enjoy making extra-large briskets, you should buy a carving knife with a 14-inch blade. On the other hand, a 10-inch blade is appropriate when preparing a 5-pound roast.

Consider the edge design

In addition to looking for a knife with a thin profile, you should also consider the edge design. For slicers, edge design often comes in different designs, including dimples, divots, hollow edge, Granton divots, or hammered finish.

Also known as air pockets, dimples often create hollows when cutting meat. This helps to reduce friction and release food, and it is easier for you to cut smaller uniform slices. In most cases, the cutting edge ranges from about 15-30 degrees on each side. Knives with an acute angle are usually sharper.


As you can see, having a quality carving knife is important especially if you enjoy cooking meat or roasting a large barbeque. Therefore, it is important to buy the best carving knife that will serve you longer without replacement.

This review was intended to offer you a glimpse into some of the best carving knives on the market so that you can know what to look out for when buying a carving knife. And if you want to buy a carving knife from premium brands that make quality products, then the suggestions above will help you to make an informed purchase.

Overall, thorough research is also important and will help you compare different carving knives based on their range of features, as well as price. Read reviews online and customer testimonials to ensure you identify a trustworthy brand that manufactures premium carving knives. After all, it doesn’t make financial sense to spend your hard earned money on a low quality carving knife.

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