Saving Time and Money with Best Electric Knives Designed for the Modern Kitchen

Electric knives are now an integral part of any modern kitchen. And due to their exceptional efficiency, speed, and versatility, they are popular among professional chefs and passionate home cooks alike. Whether you want to chop and slice fruits or veggies, or prepare other types of meat, you will always find an electric knife useful.

You only need to learn how to operate them correctly and voila – your meal is ready! Most people usually prefer an electric knife that operates on batteries rather than a corded one.

Nonetheless, since there are many different electric knives available, you might feel overwhelmed as far as choosing the right knife is concerned. So, how do you choose the right electric knife for home use?

If you want a reliable knife that works efficiently every time, then you can consider the options listed below.

Top Pick

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The Cuisnart CEK-40 electric knife is our top pick as it has been proven efficient time and time again. With two quality sets of blades (one for bread and one for meat), this is the best electric knife for home use. What’s more, the set comes in a wooden storage tray for better safe keeping.

Most electric knives usually have a short cord, which makes it difficult to use at home without a long extension cord. But this premium electric knife has a 6 feet cord for easy use.

Budget Pick

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Rapala Electric Knife is perfect for those who have a limited budget. It is ideal for filleting the toughest of fish species effortlessly. A common tool among experienced chefs, this versatile electric knife is efficient for cutting through pork, lamb, chicken, fish and beef, even if the meat is partially frozen.

Furthermore, it has a quality 8-foot power cord that offers optimal flexibility, while the 7.5 inch blade stays sharper longer.

10 Best Electric Knives Review

1. Cuisinart Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Long extension cord
  • Comes with a wooden storage tray

This electric model is popular for its convenience and flexibility. With hundreds of positive reviews online, the Cuisinart electric knife will make your work easier during food preparation. It comes with a durable and powerful motor, as well as two quality sets of blades that deliver versatility.

Moreover, the packaging comes with a wooden storage tray for better safe keeping. And unlike most electric knives that have short extension cords, this knife comes with a 6 feet extension cord. You can remove the blades from their storage with just a push of the button.

Overall, this versatile carving knife comes with a safety switch as well. You can keep the blades locked safely in position to avoid touching the ‘’on’’ button with wet hands to avoid electrocution. What else, the knife is easy to clean.

2. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Flexible reciprocating blade
  • Powerful motor
  • Cordless

This heavy duty kitchen knife is ideal for filleting the toughest of fish species effortlessly. As a favorite option among experienced cook, Rapala electric knife is perfect for cutting fish, pork, lamb, chicken and beef, even when working on partially frozen meat.

Additionally, it has a long 8-foot power cord that offers optimal flexibility with a 7 inch reciprocating blade. With a one year warranty and 110 Volts power output, this electric knife is perfect for home use. And the good thing is that quality materials are used to manufacture this versatile kitchen knife that incorporates a powerful heavy-duty motor.

When you use it for food preparation, you will get double the speed of a traditional kitchen knife. But if you want a decent electric knife to carry on your fishing expeditions, then you should buy a cordless electric knife.

3. Black Decker Electrical Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Minimal vibration
  • Has a safety lock
  • Blades never require sharpening
  • Pleasant to use

This electric knife is perfect for home use and it has distinctive features for ease of use. For starters, it can cut chicken perfectly leaving it presentation-worthy. More importantly, you can use the knife to cut bread as well.

And if you want to slice cheese, this versatile electric knife enables you to make perfect cuts. Besides this, it’s comfortable round handle will stay perfect in your hand even when working on greasy chicken.

With minimal vibration when using the knife, your finger remains in position on the trigger as you prepare foods. This noiseless feature makes it pleasant for home use. Other awesome features include the safe removable parts before dishwashing, and the safety lock button to prevent the knife from turning when its plugged in. It also has a release button that unlocks the blades easily.

4. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Premium quality knife
  • Stain resistant
  • Tough fork and blades
  • Removable blades for easy cleaning

The Hamilton Electric knife set is great for home use as it features a sharp stainless blade. Its fork allows you to prepare meat the best way you prefer. You can use the blade to cut bread easily, too.

The Hamilton Beach Electric knife also has an oscillating and powerful blade that can slice through tough veggies, fruits and meat efficiently with minimal effort. And thanks to its stainless blade, you don’t need to sharpen it constantly. Its removable blades allow easy cleaning as well.

5. NutriChef Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Quality stainless steel
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Handcrafted butcher block for easy storage

The NutriChef’s Electric knife is a quality home tool that delivers clean and consistent cuts every time. The set includes 2 sharp stainless steel blades and one is suitable for cutting cheese, cake, bread and meat, while the other one is perfect for carving.

It has a handcrafted and elegant butcher block that allows easy storage in your kitchen cabinets or countertops. And its ergonomic handle enables effortless movements when cutting meat, regardless of whether you are carving or slicing.

With 120 Volts operating power, this versatile electric knife is a helpful ally when slicing or carving tougher meats. Moreover, you can use it to slice butternut, corn and smaller watermelons. It is easy to clean as well.

6. Proctor Silex Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Easy to use
  • Portable and light
  • Made from durable materials
  • Easy to wash

The Proctor Silex Electric knife has a comfortable handle for easy movements when cutting meat. It is a great choice when you have an event and want to display the best professional-looking food impressions. And since it is lightweight, you can use it effortlessly when preparing food in the kitchen.

Additionally, the stainless sharp blade will prevent your food from getting contaminated as you cut the desired meat slices. After each use, release the blades and then wash them. The best thing is that this versatile knife is perfect for both right and left handed users.

7. Chefman Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Ergonomic handle for better control
  • Trigger control ideal for safe use
  • Dishwasher safe

With the Chefman Electric knife, you can easily make uniform slices of meat since it has sharp reciprocating serrated blades. Moreover, it has a quality carving fork that allows you to add power and precision when slicing meat and veggies. It also has a comfortable ergonomic handle for easy use by both left and right-handed users.

Due to it’s versatility, you can use the knife to carve meats, bread, cheese, and other types of food effortlessly. The knife is also ideal to slice fruits, bread, and thin slices of pineapples and melons, as well as eggplants and tomatoes which makes it a must-have tool for the holidays.

And for safe use, the knife comes with a trigger control and an in-built safety button that locks it into position when the knife is inactive, which prevents unintentional blade activation. The knife also has a durable storage case that allows safe keeping while saving on space in your kitchen drawers.

It is dishwasher safe and you can release the blades by pressing a button, which automatically ejects the blade and you can wash them by hand or use the dishwasher.

8. Mighty Electric Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle for better control
  • Stain resistant and sharp blades

While this carving knife resembles a chainsaw, it usually works similar to a carving knife. It’s so fun and easy to use this versatile knife during an event when preparing roast or turkey. And though it may seem non-functional and almost gimmicky, never underestimate its potential as a reliable carving knife.

With positive reviews among users online, this carving knife is perfect for dicing and slicing veggies, fruits, and so much more. It has sharp stainless blades and the ergonomic handle is suited for easy control. Though the knife looks heavy, it’s amazingly inexpensive and lightweight. That said, this is an excellent knife option for passionate cooks who enjoy trying out new things in the kitchen.

9. Mister Twister MT-1208 Piranha

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Highlighted features

  • Elegant design
  • Quality carving knife
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sharp blade

If you want a decent electric knife for slicing and cleaning seafood, the versatile Mister Twister knife is an excellent choice for you. With this electric knife, you can choose the speed at which you want to fillet the seafood. Therefore, you can use optimum speed to prepare your seafood or choose the right speed that you are comfortable using.

This knife has an elegant, rugged design that is easy on the eye. Additionally, it has a larger cutting surface that enables you to work effortlessly when handling tough meats and scales. And here’s the catch: it’s amazing power. This versatile carving knife has more speed and torque than most of the electric knives in this review.

And with respect to its appearance, the knife is well crafted from durable stainless steel that clearly impresses. The serrated edge remains sharper longer, and you don’t need to re-sharpen it from time to time. Also, this knife brand typically comes in different types of colors and you can choose the one you like.

10. Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with carving forks

With this top notch electric knife, you can slice through food like a master chef. This stainless steel electric knife includes a durable carving fork, as well as a storage case for easy storage. Additionally, the knife is ideal for preparing roast precisely and effortlessly, and you can use it to prepare poultry as well.

The stainless blade is removable for easy cleaning, which offers peace of mind. Furthermore, the blade is not only durable but also has anti-rust features. For safe and comfortable use, this electric knife has an ergonomic designed handle.

That said, why have a difficult time slicing through your poultry if you can use this versatile electric knife without compromising the texture of the meat.

Things to consider when buying an electric knife

Before you buy a modern electric knife you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure you make an informed purchase. With a quality electric knife, slicing your meat will be easier and will require minimal time. Slicing meat with an electric knife is therefore better as compared to using a traditional knife.

More importantly, electric knives are safer than conventional ones. They are easy to clean and the comfortable grip allows better control.

What makes electric knives efficient than traditional chef knives?

Electric knives are superior to traditional kitchen knives, especially when slicing through roasts, chicken, turkey or bread. And if you have hand issues or arthritis, you don’t have to apply excessive force or pressure when slicing food. Electric knives are perfect for professional cooks and home cooks alike as they are easy to use.

Cordless vs. Corded

With respect to what you need to prepare and safety purpose, electric knives often come in cordless and corded models. For corded electric models, you have to plug them into a power outlet for easy operation but they might have limited use as they pose a threat of electrocution when used incorrectly.

On the other hand, cordless electric knives run on batteries, which offers convenience since you can easily use them anywhere. And since cordless knives are rechargeable, you can charge them when not in use.

Corded electric knives usually deliver consistent power than cordless models. This is because cordless electric knives might not be as effective when the batteries are low. Nonetheless, cordless electric knives provide better maneuverability as they are portable.

Comfortable handle

You should always look for a model that has an ergonomic handle for better control. The handle should easily fit your hand and provide a comfortable grip since most motors are usually located within the handle. They might vibrate constantly when slicing meat and some people may find this unpleasant.


The blade type you choose entirely depends on your preference or the task at hand. However, the good thing is that most electric knives often have several interchangeable blades to suit different tasks. Simply use the blade that suits the task at hand.

As a suggestion, you should look for a model that features both a slicing knife and a carving knife as this offers versatility during food preparation. And for better efficiency, you should look for electric knives that are about 7-8 inch long. Longer knives offer flexibility as well when working around bones.

If you are looking for a long-lasting knife, look for electric knives made from stainless steel. They should be corrosion and rust resistant, and should not bend easily under pressure.


Your chopping speed generally depends on the kind of dish you are preparing. That said, you need to look for a model with adjustable speed control. This will help you decrease and increase the speed so that you can make the slices or cuts that you need.


Most electric knives usually include a quality carving fork that allows easier cutting and securing the meat you are preparing. So, you should look for a model that has this essential feature.

But for better storage, you need to choose a knife model that comes with a storage container where you can store the knife when not in use. This creates safety and helps save on storage space in your kitchen drawers.


Electric knives have varying prices depending on the model type, blade length, and the accessories that come with the blade. Therefore, if you are considering buying an electric knife, you need to consider some of the features you want for a specific task.

For home use, it is advisable to shop for moderately priced models. However, you should never sacrifice on quality by choosing a cheap priced model that doesn’t work as advertised.

Safety features

Electric knives are more dangerous than traditional knives since they make use of motorized blades. So, you should stay safe by looking for a knife that has safety features. This will prevent accidents by locking the blades into position, which prevents them from slipping out accidentally when the knife is not in use.


To ensure the electric knife maintains its durability and effectiveness, you should always take proper care of it. Read the product package carefully to learn what is recommended as the optimum maintenance procedure. Then decide whether you have the tools to keep the knife in best shape for superior performance.


Find a model with razor-sharp blades that don’t require sharpening frequently. In addition to ensuring the knife has the right sharpness, ensure it is durable as well. In other words, you should be able to use the knife to carve or slice effortlessly and precisely, without sharpening it frequently.

You want to look for an electric knife with interchangeable blades as this gives you the flexibility for multi-purpose use.

Prevalent Electric Knife Brands

Remember to look for reputable brands as they are more likely to have premium products. Companies with good reputation in making quality electric knives are the best option since they have dealt with complaints from multiple users after their successive knife releases.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that newer companies offer low standard electric knives. As a rule of thumb, you should compare several brands to identify the features you want. Also read online reviews to see what customers are saying about the product.

That way, you can know how different brands perform in the market without having to test the product by yourself and end up getting disappointed. Moreover, if you are buying the knife from the store, you should test it before you make a purchase.


Quality is also an integral aspect when shopping for an electric knife. Ensure the knife you have chosen is made from quality materials. You need to look for models that are lightweight and they should be stain resistant as well. This is important in preventing food contamination as this might pose serious health risks.

Blade toughness

In addition to sharpness and aesthetic design, it is equally important to consider blade toughness when shopping for an electric knife. The knife should easily fit in your hand, as well as the intended purpose. That means you need to look for a blade that is robust enough to handle tough steak.


When shopping for an electric knife for home use, you should look for a model that includes a carving fork to hold the meat in position when slicing. But though electric knives are versatile and fun to use, you should use them carefully to avoid accidents.

To use the knife efficiently, you need to slice or cut by following a downward sliding motion. Pull the knife steadily to avoid damaging the bread or meat. And never immerse the knife in your dishwasher as this can damage the motor. Remember to remove the blades occasionally for cleaning and afterwards clean the handle with a dry cloth.

If you are on a limited budget but still need a quality electric knife to slice veggies or meat, then Rapala is a good investment option. But for better aesthetic design and optimal performance, the Cuisinart electric knife is the right model for you.

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