Storing Cutlery Made Easy With the Best knife Bag Online Today

Most people often assume that it’s not important to have a knife bag to carry their cutlery and other essential kitchen tools. However, if you want to take your knives for camping or to your holiday summer home, you should get a quality knife bag to store your kitchen knives securely. In fact, kitchen knives are extremely popular among professional chefs.

Chefs typically carry their kitchen tools in a small specialized bag known as a knife roll. This helps to store their knives securely, and keep them clean and discreet as possible. But if you want to buy a quality knife bag, research is essential since knife bags often come in different types and variations.

For instance, do you prefer a knife roll or a knife bag? If you only want an ideal storage space for your knives, then you should buy a knife bag, allowing you to store your knives safely. For professionals, a knife roll is recommended for its durability.

Top Pick

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Regardless of whether you are a passionate cook or professional chef, the Everpride Knife Bag is the top choice. This is a premium culinary bag that is made from durable and quality materials. More importantly, the bag is practical, lightweight and comfy. It comes with a shoulder strap and comfortable handle and you can choose the option that you prefer.

Budget Pick

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If you have a limited budget but still want a quality knife bag, the Messermeister padded knife bag is an excellent choice. It is ideal for home cooks and professional chefs as well, and it includes 12 pockets that will keep your kitchen knives secure. Moreover, it can even store knives that are 18 inches long, which is ideal for storing large chef knives.

Best knife Bag Review

1. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

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Highlighted features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Made from quality materials
  • Large capacity

This premium knife bag is designed to offer convenience and ease of use. It is perfect for chefs who are always on the go and culinary students who need to keep their knife collection secure. What’s more, this superb knife bag has 16 slots that offer enough storage space for all types of knives. And it’s leather exterior creates that premium look you will not find in most knife bags.

With this superior knife bag, you can store at least 12 knives effortlessly and still have enough space for a meat cleaver. This knife bag has room for three cutlery pouches where you can keep your commonly used cutleries. Moreover, this premium knife roll delivers in terms of portability and quality.

It’s ergonomic design makes it suitable to store lengthy knives and they are kept safe after the bag is properly buckled. The bag also has two quality knife guards, a tight handle grip and strong shoulder strap. It has a business card holder as well, which comes in handy for professional chefs who travel a lot.

2. 8 Slot Shun Knife Roll

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Highlighted features

  • Perfect for travelling
  • Zippered pocket to carry more items
  • 8 knife slots
  • Zippered cover keeps of dust

This exceptional knife bag is crafted to protect your ‘treasured’ knives while travelling, at school, home, or work. It holds your most valued kitchen knives safely in one place.

And with an 8-slot design, it is easier to store different types of knives regardless of sizes or shapes. These knife slots are properly laced by elastic straps to hold your knives tightly into position and prevent them from falling out.

This product has plenty of storage space that allows convenient and comfortable storage of knives and other important cutlery. And with a compact designed with tightly closed knife pouches, this knife bag allows easy transportation.

Furthermore, the bag has a mesh cover that helps to keep dust and dirt at bay. It holds your knives tightly with Velcro straps. The good thing is that you can hold other culinary utensils in the zippered and mesh pocket as it creates extra space. And with a firm and durable handle, transporting this knife roll is easy.

Due to the high end technology used to create this knife roll, it is suitable for culinary professionals and travelling chefs, and for better storage of unused cutlery.

3. Messermeister Knife Bag

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Highlighted features

  • Affordable
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Comes with durable metal zippers

If you want an inexpensive knife bag that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, the Messermeister Knife bag is the best pick. It suits home chefs and professionals alike as it is easy to carry on the go. With 12 pockets, it can hold your knives safely, and you can even store knives that are 18 inches long. This knife bag is therefore ideal for holding larger chef knives.

The bag is made from durable material inside and foam core is used on the bag’s exterior. And thanks to its abrasion resistant material combined with metal zippers, this bag is certainly a great option for anyone who wants a decent knife bag that is reasonably priced.

4. Qees Leather Chef Roll Knife Bag

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Highlighted features

  • Sturdy canvas keeps your knives safe
  • Leather build for added durability
  • Appealing rustic design
  • Build from premium materials

As a popular household brand, Qees is a sturdy professional knife bag. It is manufactured by a company known for making high quality knife bags with a long life span. Additionally, Qees is known for designing stylish cutlery bags that are functional as well. When you purchase this high end leather knife bag, you get both function and style.

One key factor that makes this knife bag popular in the market is that great detail is put in the construction of each compartment. Put simply, this knife bag is not only portable but its stylish and sturdy design offers a great protection to all your valuable kitchen knives.

5. Wusthof Professional Chefs Knife Bag

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Highlighted features

  • Classic looking knife bag
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Zippered closure for secure storage

While the Wusthof knife bag may have a simplistic design, it has amazing features that you will enjoy. As you are well aware, Wusthof is renowned in manufacturing quality kitchen cutlery. That means you can always trust them to produce quality products.

This exemplary knife bag is a good pick for culinary students as it is durable and lightweight. It is reasonably priced as well. Furthermore, it can fold three ways and it is held securely with Velcro straps and it can hold at least 10 kitchen knives that are 12 inches long.

On the other hand, each pocket has a flap that covers and protects the blade. It has a pocket on the exterior that is perfect for holding small kitchen cutlery. Overall, it’s puncture-resistant exterior enhances its lifespan and the interior flaps are secured with a high quality zippered closure. That said, if you enjoy a classic knife bag, then this is the best choice for you.

6. Everpride Waxed Canvas Knife Roll

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Highlighted Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Has a handle and shoulder strap
  • 10 knife pockets

Made from waxed canvas, this Knife Roll can hold 10 knives. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and is considered on the most premium knives rolls in the market. The knife roll offers flexibility with 3 interior pockets that can hold additional utensils.

This knife roll has a zipper pocket in the interior that you can use to store recipes and business cards. Here’s the catch: the bag has two carrying options – either over the shoulder or in your hand depending on your preference.

The handle is well balanced for comfort and is durable as well. And since it is made from superior material, it has a longer life span. And to ensure you don’t strain your shoulders when carrying heavy cutlery, the shoulder strap rests gently on your body. The knife bag has additional padding that prevents the knives from sliding. Simply restore it’s shine with soap and a damp cloth.

7. Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll

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Highlighted features

  • Three side pockets for extra storage
  • Can hold 18 knives
  • Side buckle closure offers extra protection
  • Made from abrasion resistant material

The new and improved Carhartt legacy knife roll is made from synthetic material that offers reliable protection to your kitchen knives. The bag can hold 18 knives effortlessly and you can still have more space to store additional culinary items.

With this versatile knife bag, you get an amazing product that’s both functional and durable. And with a roll design, you can store the bag with ease and still keep your knives secure. The knife bag has 10 pockets that can hold different knife sizes alongside additional side pockets.

The three outside pockets are excellent for holding larger cutlery items. That said, the Carhartt knife roll is designed to provide flexibility and ease of use for the end user. Additionally, it is ideal for first class protection and storage.

8. Chef Knife Roll Bag

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Highlighted features

  • Massive zipper exterior pockets
  • Travel-friendly essential features
  • Made from waxed canvas for durability
  • Keeps your knives secure and safe

Designed for toughness, durability and functionality, as well as character and style, this premium Chef roll bag is timeless. And since it is constructed from waxed canvas, it is breathable and water resistant. In fact, this is among the best sturdy designs available in the marketplace.

It’s style and durability are further enhanced by the quality cotton canvas used in the manufacturing process. Your special knives and other kitchen tools will be safe when you store them in this premium roll bag. Additionally, it’s leather buckle is an essential safety feature that holds the knives tightly to prevent sliding and unnecessary movements.

The good thing is that you can carry your knives with the handle or shoulder strap, which offers you amazing travel comfort. In addition to its classy design, this knife bag has friendly portability and you can carry your knives to camp or when going to culinary schooling. The bag has an additional storage pocket where you can carry your tongs, spatulas, sharpeners, and other important culinary tools. And with a strong zipper, you can carry as many accessories as you want.

9. Hersent Knife Roll Bag

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Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof and waxed
  • 9 storage pockets
  • Affordable and highly efficient
  • Comes with a wrap cord

The highly efficient culinary rollout bag made by Hersent is both functional and affordable, yet portable. It can hold a maximum of 8 knives of different lengths and it has an extra pocket. Moreover, it has a flap cover to hold your knives in position and prevent injuries.

The bag is made from natural oxford – a quality material this waxed to offer waterproof capability. Nonetheless, you should not soak it in water when cleaning it. Simply use a detergent and a damp cloth to wipe it.

Convenient and compact, this knife bag is ideal for camping or culinary classes. The canvas cord is helpful in wrapping the roll bag after use, and thereby secures all your culinary tools appropriately. Overall, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

10. Victorinox Knife Roll

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Highlighted features

  • Holds extra accessories
  • Simple and efficient
  • Inexpensive
  • Has extra pockets

A good knife roll should be simple but with all the essential features you need. The Victorinox knife roll is simplistic and yet functional. While it might have a simple design, it holds knives securely and safely. And most Victorinox kitchenware are popular among culinary students due to their exceptional quality and affordability.

This knife roll is made by quality polyester material with PVC lining that makes it waterproof. It can hold 13 knives and there are extra pockets if you want to store extra accessories. What’s more, it has a small business card holder on the exterior where you can keep your class card as a culinary student.

Things to consider before buying a knife bag

Knife rolls and bags are meant to help you store your knives responsibly and safely. They also ensure you can transport your culinary items easily on the go. But you don’t need to be a chef to enjoy the benefits of having knife rolls and bags. They are an essential tool for safe storage of your knives away from children.

Knife bags are usually made from different materials. Some are made with leather and others with nylon or textile fabric, and may have several storage sections. Some knife bags even have extra pockets to store additional culinary tools.

They usually have tight grip handles for easy carrying. And since most handles are ergonomically designed, they don’t strain your hands. Some knife bags also come with a shoulder strap for increased flexibility.

Why you need a quality knife bag

A passionate cook is well aware of how important it is to always have sharp and quality knives in food preparation. There are lots of scenarios where you will need to use your knives, be it outside catering or preparing a barbeque for your family.

It is easy to transport your kitchen securely with a knife roll or bag. These essential kitchen products are useful in securing your tools safely, but also offer travel convenience.

The benefits of having a knife bag

While you can decide to keep your knives and other kitchen tools in a regular bag or suitcase, this is not the right way to go about it. When you store your knives haphazardly in one bag, both the bag and the tools can get damaged.

This is the reason why knife bags often come with secured holding compartments for each knife, allowing maximum safety. And unlike traditional bags, Knife rolls are suited for their intended purpose. And thanks to having specialized compartments, knife rolls allow you to access the desired knife conveniently. You won’t spend your time searching for a specific knife as they are well positioned in the knife bag.

Made from strong and quality materials, these bags and rolls will keep dirt and dust at bay. They also prevent build up of moisture that can damage your knives. If you own a selection of expensive knives, it makes sense to store them securely, right?

What is the right size knife bag?

To ensure your kitchen knives are well protected, it is important to identify the ideal knife bag size. For example, if you want to store 10 knives, having a knife roll with few compartments simply won’t work. Therefore, before you decide which knife bag is ideal for home use, first consider the knives you have,  and their length so that you can buy a bag or roll with the right number of sections.

Type of material

If you are choosing a roll or bag knife for your knives, it’s important to evaluate the material used to determine whether you should get a sturdier or lighter one?

If you have a decent collection of kitchen knives and need to store them securely so that they can retain their sharpness, you can opt for a sturdy leather bag as it offers excellent stitching. But if you have smaller knives, then a polyester knife roll is more suitable.

The price

If you want a quality knife bag that stands the test of time, then you might have to spend slightly more. But if you can't afford a specific roll or bag, there’s no need for you to worry as there are cheaper options with excellent quality.

As a rule of thumb you should remember that leather rolls or bags are normally more expensive than nylon and polyester ones. As you compare different knife bags based on price, also check their design, type of stitches and material used. That way, you can find a good bag or roll for a fair price.

The design

While this might seem unimportant, design is an essential factor when comparing several knife bags. Some designs allow you to carry the knife bag over your shoulder and others by hand, and there are knife bags that are similar to traditional backpacks as well. As a suggestion, you need to look for a knife roll that has a shoulder strap and a handle for better flexibility as far as transportation is concerned.

How to care for your knife bag

Maintenance of your roll or bag will depend on the material. However, it isn’t recommended to wash them in your washing machine as they can get damaged easily. If you want to maintain their overall aesthetic value and overall lifespan, check the label for cleaning instruction. For prolonged use, you should clean them with a sponge, soft brush or damp cloth.


As much as it is important to invest in quality knives and culinary items, it is equally essential to buy a decent knife roll or bag that enables proper storage. Whether you need a good place to keep them securely or the flexibility to use them on the go, knife rolls or bags are a great investment.

Fortunately, if you want a decent knife case for home use, there are various designs and models available in the market. For example, you can decide to buy a knife bag with a shoulder strap or settle for one that comes with a handle for easy transportation. The best knife choice will ultimately depend on your preference.

Remember that leather options are often more costly than the ones made from materials like polyester, cotton, and nylon. However, these materials each have their own share of pros and cons that you should consider to ensure you make an informed purchase. Since identifying the right knife bag can be challenging for newbie cooks, this guide should be helpful!

We have discussed the different kinds of knife rolls and bags and the products mentioned will suit your taste and preferences. Therefore, if you have a limited budget but still want a quality knife bag, you can settle for the budget pick mentioned above.

But if you are comfortable spending slightly more, you can choose a knife bag that’s made from premium materials. Overall, it’s advisable to find a superior knife bag that has a better design, efficient and budget friendly. Nonetheless, you should never sacrifice on quality by settling for a product that doesn’t work as advertised.

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