Bring out the Butcher in You with the Best Knife for Cutting Meat – Do it like a Pro!

As you prepare your barbeque, having the best knife for cutting meat can make a big difference. A reliable knife should make the cutting process safe and efficient, which allows you to slice even through tough meat. More importantly, different knives often serve different purposes.

For example, you can buy a utility household knife to cut veggies, and a paring knife to cut fruit. The ideal knife designed to cut meat should be sharp, strong, lightweight and easy to handle. And most cutting knives usually meet these requirements, such as chef knives, bone knives, slicing knives and carving knives.

With that said, pork, lamb, chicken, venison, veal, turkey and beef are quite easy to cut provided you have a quality knife.

Top Pick

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The Victorinox slicing knife is our top budget pick and is considered the best carving and slicing knife. Designed by professionals, this knife will transform your experience when preparing your meat. This 12 inch knife is made from quality carbon.

The carbon material will ensure you can use it longer. Additionally, the blade is made from sturdy stainless steel. With its nylon/fibrox handle, you can comfortably slice through tough meat without worrying about getting blisters. The knife has a wide handle and can easily accommodate all hand sizes perfectly.

Budget Pick

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DALSTRONG Boning Knife Gladiator Series is our budget pick and can make smooth and long strokes using it’s sharp, stainless steel blade. The knife is suitable for preparing delicious and sizable steak. Additionally, the knife is lightweight, easy on the hand, and can resist stains.

Best Knife for Cutting Meat 2020

1. DALSTRONG Boning Knife Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – 6 Inch

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Highlighted features

  • Secure and comfortable grip
  • Razor sharp
  • Great quality

This gladiator series boning knife features an amazing eye catching design. It’s ultra-sharp and wear resistant. In addition to having a high quality carbon steel, the knife is designed to make it ideal for deboning, filleting, trimming, skinning, and applying butter to your meat. The knife is also perfect for preparing pork, beef, and wild meat.

Its sharp blade design makes it easy to maneuver between bone and joints. And what’s more, this quality boning knife also features a narrow sharp blade that cuts along bone contours effortlessly, separating the meat. More importantly, you can use its tapered tip if you want to cut areas that are hard to reach.

The knife has expertly crafted edges that maintain a perfect balance between blade sharpness and maximum resilience. It’s polished and sturdy design makes it excellent for improved hardness, slicing resistance, and enhanced flexibility. The knife has a pakkawood handle that provides you with a secure and comfortable grip. Additionally, it provides impressive maneuverability and flexibility. The handle is laminated as well, which gives it a homely sanitary feel.

2. 12 Inch Premium Forged High-Carbon Steel Scalloped Edge Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Affordable
  • Super sharp blade
  • The high quality steel is perfect for smooth cuts
  • Maintains its edge over time
  • Great grip for better control

This impressive carving knife is perfect for the pros and is excellent for cutting meat. It features an eye catching stainless steel design that you will love. It has a sturdy grip, which makes preparing meat easy even for beginners.

However, when you wash this knife using your dishwasher several times, it is known to lose its edge to some extent.

3. Mercer Culinary – Top Rated Meat Slicing Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Round tip perfect for cutting meat or bread
  • Finger guard for added protection
  • Sharp looking blade
  • Certified by NSF and ideal for restaurant and home use
This top rated slicing knife is perfect for carving and cutting a big piece of meat. And its low budget makes it a must have tool for your kitchen purposes. Nonetheless, this long quality Mercer Culinary knife is best for professionals, food enthusiasts and the home chef.

Additionally, this knife has a very sharp blade so it is important to be extra careful when using it to prepare your meat. Its stainless steel isn’t prone to rust and thereby suitable for versatile tasks in the kitchen. The knife is quite simple to maintain since the blade is corrosion and rust-resistant. However, it is advisable to avoid placing it in the dishwasher to extend its performance.

Detergents and intense heat can easily reduce its longevity and performance. It’s high qualify ergonomic handle is great for comfort and offers the needed grip. The handle made from polypropylene and santoprene provides extra comfort, and extends durability as well. It has a finger guard that offers added protection. Designed for both home and commercial use, this is the perfect knife for slicing meat.

4. WÜSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Small sized knife for better control
  • Excellent multi purpose knife
  • It’s compact size allows easy storage
  • Easy grip

In addition to serving as an all-purpose knife, it is also great in slicing meat. It features high quality carbon steel material and has a great grip handle. While this is considered a basic knife with respect to its quality and design, it has a sharp blade that is great for chopping vegetables, fruits, and thin meat slices.

Additionally, this is an introductory knife perfect for newbie chefs who may feel intimidated to use a lengthy blade. It’s compact in size for easy storage and the handle offers amazing control for newbie cooks. It’s handle has a clear WUSTHOF logo, which symbolizes quality among experienced food professionals.

5. J. A Henckels International 5.5″ – Stainless Steel Boning Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Sharp stainless blade
  • Sturdy handle for better control
  • Safe to use
  • Perfect for cutting veggies and fruits respectively

This international classic stainless steel knife is perfect for all kitchen purposes. However, this classic knife is popularly used in removing small bones when preparing white meat. The blade is made from stainless steel, which increases durability.

The knife requires minimal maintenance since the steel is not vulnerable to stains. Additionally, the knife has a plastic, three rivet handle that is easy on the hand. Carved by the use of high end technology, the knife offers you unmatched experience you can never get from your normal slicing knife.

In addition to having a sharp blade, its straight edge and sturdy tip makes it perfect for preparing meat. Put simply, you can never go wrong with the new and improved International stainless steel boning knife.

6. Update International – Best Lightweight Chopping Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Grip-resistant handle
  • Forged sharp blade
  • High quality stainless steel made from carbon
  • Contoured shape that allows better control

This lightweight cutting knife is a better alternative to your regular butchering knife. Additionally, it has a thin and long blade that is great for cutting chicken, beef and meat. It is easy on the hand as it is lightweight, which also makes it an ideal fit for beginners.

It’s forged blade is made from high quality carbon, stainless steel as well as molybdenum vanadium. These materials make the knife rust resistant while providing longer edge retention. However, if you want to use it commercially, then proper maintenance and sharpening is required. Since the knife is mostly used for heavy tasks, you should be extra careful when sharpening it.

For sharpening, it is advisable to use a sharpening stone for better results. The blade also features a PMO slip-resistant handle properly secured using triple rivets. The contoured shape is easy on the hand and makes the knife perfect for both small and heavy duty tasks. Therefore, if you want a reliable chopping knife to prepare your meat, veggies, or BBQ and have a limited budget, then this knife is a great choice!


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Highlighted features

  • Rust resistant
  • Amazing edge retention
  • Can handle heavy kitchen tasks
  • Long-lasting stability

The Pro series 11-inch kitchen knife is designed to handle both small scale tasks and heavy kitchen demands. This precision guaranteed blade is made from quality stainless steel, which offer unmatched edge retention, reliable cutting edge, and rust and stain resistance.

The blade is hardened, durable and tough, and is quite easy to sharpen. It’s fluted edge further eliminates cutting resistance, allowing for smooth cuts. Additionally, the blade has a polypropylene handle designed for safety, control, and comfort. The handle has a sturdy inner core that offers resilience and long lasting stability.

On the other hand, its outer cover provides amazing slip-resistant capability. Made in Germany, this kitchen knife is suitable for a professional environment. It is perfect for carving poultry and preparing roasts.

The blade has a quality edge that offers the right flex needed to cut thin meat slices without buckling. While this is an economical and reliable knife to perform your carving tasks, hand washing is advisable to ensure it retains its sharpness and appearance.

8. Kessaku Samurai Series – Affordable Meat Carving Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Finger protective capability
  • Attractive pakkawood handle
  • Long blade made from quality stainless steel

This is a quality Japanese slicing knife from Kessaku. It is a popular ‘’Samurai’’ knife that has a long 12 inch blade. It's a forged handcrafted blade that is constructed using carbon stainless steel, which enhances durability. In addition, the knife is corrosion and rust resistant and it’s edge and round tip are both sharp.

The knife has an attractive polished handle that offers extra comfort and confident grip. It is a quality knife as it is moisture, cold and heat resistant. It’s full tang feature provides extra strength, and offers amazing balance and beauty. The knife has a polished bolster perfect for carving, filleting, and safe cutting.

The knife usually comes with an attractive packing and is therefore an ideal gift item. If you love using colorful knives, this is a great option for you.

9. 12 Inch Granton Edge Ham Slicer Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Performs excellently
  • Sharp blade
  • NSF approved
  • Perfect for safe use

Modern technology is on the forefront in transforming all areas of our lives. The Granton slicer knife incorporates every touch of modern technology. While this knife is often used in slicing meat, you can also use it to slice seafood and chicken. It has a 12 inch blade and rounded tip that guarantees safe use.

It’s long blade makes it easy to cut fine meat slices. Additionally, the blade is extra sharp and you will be amazed at how fast you can cut with it. This stamped high quality knife is made from stainless steel and hence you never have to worry about rust and stain. It is therefore ideal for both professional and home use.

10. 14-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Sustainable sharpness
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfect for both home and commercial cooking
  • High quality blade

This high quality 14-inch Salmon, Ham, Meat, Salmon slicing knife possesses all the desirable qualities found in a good slicing knife. This knife is reliable as it is manufactured by ICEL, which is a distinguished brand known for making quality products. The knife is safe and environmentally friendly.

The knife also has a rounded tip that offers added safety. It allows you to enjoy fine and long slicing as well. Made from quality carbon, this Granton Edge slicing knife offers you reliable durability. It has a stainless blade that requires minimal maintenance.

Therefore, if you want a great turkey carving knife, you can never go wrong with this slicing knife. Additionally, the knife features a wider conical ground and the ice tempered blade allows for better durability. The best thing about this knife is the fact that it doesn’t require sharpening often.

Things to consider when buying a cutting knife

As you shop for a knife to use in your kitchen, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you buy a quality slicing knife.

For example, you need to consider how its different features can alter its overall performance. Its thickness, blade and sharp edge, can all affect its performance greatly.


Generally, thicker blades are stronger and durable. For instance, thicker blades are perfect for carving instead of slicing. Nonetheless, having a stronger knife doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better.

On the other hand, thinner blades offer more flexibility not to mention the fact that they allow you to cut precise slices. Thinner knives are generally considered as all-purpose kitchen knives. Additionally, it is easy to cut using thin knives and that is the reason why most slicing knives have narrow, long blades.


A knife’s edge typically corresponds to thickness to some extent. However, these two parameters are independent since you can have a thick blade that has a thin edge. In most cases, knives with thinner edges have skinny pointed tips and are excellent for precise cutting. However, they lack the control and strength of kitchen knives with thicker edges.

Blade shape

The blade shape is one of the most distinctive characteristics you should look out for. Remember that this parameter normally incorporates both thickness and edge variations. You should consider the blade shape when shopping for a cutting knife to ensure you make an informed decision.

Most knives are usually shaped according to their intended use. For instance, cleavers are often straight edged and this makes them perfect to cut thin slices of meat. On the other hand, you will notice that slicing and all-purpose knives have a slight curve to their shape, thereby producing the intended cut based on the chef’s requirements.


Are you looking for a knife that is easy to wash? Or do you want a knife that is dishwasher safe? Although it is always advisable to buy a hand-wash knife, this feature can sometimes come at a cost especially when using it for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, some knives can easily rust if they are exposed to water over prolonged periods. Therefore, you should remember to include this aspect when shopping for a cutting knife to ensure you get a qualified knife that you can depend on.


Most knives usually have different weights and this can alter their purpose. For example, heavy knives are considered stronger and you can cut through your meat without using a lot of effort. Light knives are designed for precision, which makes them ideal for beginners.

Safety and storage

If you plan to buy high quality knives, it’s important to ensure you have plenty of storage. You should never store your kitchen knives insecurely in utensil drawers. Instead, buy a magnetic knife strip for proper storage. If possible, you can buy knives that have blade covers or custom sheaves, which can come in handy for large sized tools.

Proper storage is important especially if your household has young children. Make sure you store these knives securely away from children as they are potential hazards.

Individual or kit

You need to consider if you want to buy individual pieces or a full comprehensive kit. For example, if you are a newbie chef looking to buy different knives for an array of kitchen purposes, you should invest in a kit as this is an affordable option. Having a set of kitchen knives offers you more flexibility as each piece serves a specific use in your kitchen.

Grip comfort

You should also look into the grip factor when shopping for multi-purpose knives. If you plan to use the knives for all your kitchen tasks, find a quality knife with excellent grip comfort. Ensure you buy a quality knife that is easy on the hand while cutting meat or veggies.

Fortunately, most knives usually have a money-back guarantee, and hence if you feel that the knife you acquired doesn’t have a comfortable grip, you can exchange it for another option.

Knife balance

High quality kitchen knives generally have an ideal weight distribution. When the handle is heavier than the blade, you should consider whether the knife will serve your intended purpose. For that reason, you should buy a properly balanced knife that is sturdy, allowing for detailed and precise cutting.

Knife sharpening tools

As with any kitchen knife, you need to ensure you have the right tools needed to sharpen your knives regularly. Therefore, you should buy a quality knife sharpener so that your knives are always in decent shape. Sharpen all your knives after 2-3 day if you use them for your kitchen purposes. Whenever you realize that your knives are dull, sharpen them accordingly. However, be careful during sharpening to prevent harming yourself.

What length do you need?

Another essential consideration is blade length. Most knives usually range between 7 and 14 inches. Knives with short blades cannot cut large pieces of meat and you may have to tilt the blade at an angle. Nonetheless, knives that are too long might be bulky and awkward.

You should choose a knife with a blade length that matches your roast. So, for those who enjoy barbecuing large briskets, 14-inch blade knives are recommended. On the other hand, you can use a 9 inch blade to prepare a 5 pound roast.


Contrary to popular belief among inexperienced chefs, an effective way to prepare meat slices is by cutting through the grain. That way, the fibers don’t pull apart as this happen often when you cut along the grain.

Preparing your roast by slicing directly across the meat grain will cut through the muscle fibers, and will result in tender, delicious portions.

And for even, uniform cuts, you should hold your cutting knife using a similar angle to match each stroke. You can use a carving fork for enhanced stability, preventing the roast from rolling or moving. You should consider investing in a wooden board to prepare your meat.

Remember that it is easier to cut through medium stake than meat that has been cooked perfectly to well-done. Thinner roast pieces are usually flavorful and tender. When preparing roasted meats, allow them to rest untouched for about 10 minutes after you remove them from your oven. That way, the juices can redistribute before you start carving.

Now that we’ve discussed the aspects to look out for when shopping for a cutting knife, it should be easy to choose an ideal knife for your barbeque party? Forged or stamped, the choices are endless!

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