Declutter your Kitchen with Best Magnetic Knife Holder in the Market

Knife strips or magnetic knife holders offer a simple way to store your knives safely in your kitchen. They are compact and don’t take up space in your drawers. Besides using them to store your knives, you can also use them to hang other cutlery items like a bottle opener.

We have spent our time comparing several products available in the market and this is a list of some of the best magnetic knife holders. If you are considering buying one, then this review will help you identify the best model that suits your budget. Hopefully, you will make an informed purchase after you have compared the features of different magnetic knife holders.

Top Pick

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HMmagnets Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder is our top pick for its elegant and simple design. It is a classy modern knife holder that will liven up your kitchen due to its aesthetic value. And since it has a flattened design, it takes less space in your kitchen and frees up your countertop spaces.

What’s more, it is properly calibrated to attach all your kitchen knives safely without compromising its efficiency. You can hang other kitchen utensils as it is made from heavy duty magnets.

Budget Pick

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Modern Innovation 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife bar deserves its spot as our budget pick for its innovative design. Since small knives often pose a danger to kids, this product will offer you peace of mind.

It features a powerful magnetic surface that is powered by neodymium magnets, which creates an excellent display of some of your valuable kitchen tools. More importantly, it comes with detailed instructions and the right mounting hardware.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

1. WooDsom Magnetic Wooden Knife Rack

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Highlighted features

  • Stylish design
  • Hold many steel items
  • Perfect for wooden surfaces

This magnetic wooden knife rack is a perfect choice for customers who prefer wooden surfaces for their attractive look. You will enjoy the ability to select from different types of woods, including hickory, cherry, walnut, oak, maple, etc.

Since it has a large surface area, it can hold many cutlery items and you never have to worry about them slipping off as it is fully magnetic. The wood used to make this knife holder is completely natural and is food safe as well. With elegance and safety, you can never go wrong with this wooden magnetic knife holder.

With its intriguing design, it makes an awesome gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Overall, it is ideal for wooden-like kitchens because wood always adds a splendid touch.

2. Wüsthof Magnetic Thermo -Beech Knife Block

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Highlighted features

  • Resistant to water
  • Keep your knives sharp edges always protected
  • Can hold knives either horizontally or vertically

Instead of storing your knives on a flat rack, this modern hanging rack comes with magnetic slots, which securely hold your knives in position and keep their sharp edges always protected. The best thing is that you can hang your knives either horizontally or vertically depending on available space and your personal preference.

This rack is made from high quality beech wood that is not only water resistant, but is heat-treated as well. And that means it can’t be damaged by kitchen splatter.

It’s unique dark color will suit any kitchen and the metal tag bears a chic Wusthof logo, which exemplifies its quality. The rack can hold at least six knives and so it is easy to keep all your favorite knives close by.

3. Best Stainless - Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

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Highlighted features

  • Has a modern design
  • Can hold knives and other items like scissors and keys
  • Easy installation
  • Superior quality neodymium magnet

This state-of-the art magnetic stainless steel knife bar has a stylish and elegant design that will beautify your kitchen. It is made by a powerful magnet and superior stainless steel for better durability, which ultimately enhances its lifespan. Plus, this magnetic rack is fully magnetic and it features a strong neodymium magnet that holds your knives securely.

Additionally, this superior magnetic knife holder also has a magnetic strip with an extended length and can hold several knives. It’s compact size makes it suitable for any kitchen as it can fit on every corner without being too conspicuous.

To hold other items like keys, scissors or whatever that is easy to hang, the strip that holds these items is well designed. Since this magnetic rack is a perfect organizer, it will be easier to store your cherished knives. And with installation instructions, you can easily mount it in your kitchen and keep your things neat and organized.

4. Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet by Coninx

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Highlighted features

  • Made of bamboo
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Non-slip base offers added support

This beautiful magnetic knife holder is designed by bamboo wood, which makes it look chic and trendy. Its completely functional and looks classy on your countertop, and will deliver reliable performance for an extended period.

It is easy to clean as well and convenient for use in your kitchen. Furthermore, it features slip resistant pads at the bottom, which makes it easy to install on slippery countertops without worrying about sliding or skidding.

Besides that, this magnetic knife holder will make it easier to access your knives quick, safe and easy. Plus, it allows easy storage of your valuable knives. Get one today to enhance your kitchen’s overall appearance.

5. Dark Walnut Wood Magnetic Holder

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Highlighted features

  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Its grain texture looks amazing
  • Durable and easy to clean

Another great magnetic knife holder that you can trust is the new and improved Dark Walnut 17-inch holder. While it can’t attach to your fridge, it offers several amazing properties. It is popular for its modern and wooden grain texture, which will make your kitchen look amazing.

In addition to having a unique wooden design, this magnetic rack has a powerful magnetic force that will hold your knives firmly in position. If you want to use a knife that is attached on the rack, simply pull it gently from the magnetic holder – and so it is quick and easy.

Therefore, this is a good option if you want to ensure your knives are durable and clean. This magnetic holder is also odor and stain resistant due to its walnut characteristics.

6. Norpro Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

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Highlighted features

  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for scissors, keys, office tools and craft supplies
  • Comes with durable and strong magnetic strips

This easy-to-use kitchen magnetic knife holder will make your organizing more convenient. It is a great tool that makes it easy to store your knives and utensils properly to ensure they are always within reach. Founded in the early 1972, this tool will save on counter space in your kitchen.

Moreover, this magnetic knife holder will prevent your knives from rusting or getting damaged. And since it features two sturdy magnetic strips, your cutlery is well secured by a thorough grip. This makes it useful to hold scissors, keys, metal tools, racks, and office supplies. It is a perfect choice for your home office, workshop or kitchen, and hence you should consider buying it.

It has a straightforward installation process. And since it is made of superior cypress wood, this tool is an excellent add on in your kitchen, which is guaranteed to deliver quality performance always. When you install this magnetic knife rack, it will serve you for a longer period of time due to its robustness and durability.

7. Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holder

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Highlighted features

  • Ergonomic handle for better control
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Slim design add style and finesse to your kitchen

This eco-friendly magnetic knife holder includes strong stainless steel and a powerful neodymium magnet. With an ergonomic handle, it offers better control and you don’t need to worry about stains or rust. And since it is made of eco-friendly materials, it is an awesome choice for conscious shoppers.

When you install this eco-friendly rack in your kitchen, you will no longer have crowded drawers. You will have easy access to your knives and other utensils. Furthermore, this magnetic rack comes with extra metal hooks where you can hang additional utensils. In fact, some chef’s consider this tool as the most convenient home supply.

It’s slim design further adds style and finesse to your kitchen. While the 12-inch holder might not be enough for you, there is no need for you to worry as there are 18 and 24 inch options.

8. Estilo Magnetic Aluminum Knife Bar

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Highlighted features

  • Great for kitchen, garage, office or laundry room
  • Made from durable aluminum material
  • Has a strong magnetic surface

Manufactured by Estilo, this magnetic knife holder offers a great solution as far as storing your knives is concerned. Since it is manufactured from robust and durable aluminum metal, it will serve you for an extended period of time.

Besides that, the holder is perfectly designed to keep your sharp knives safe away from children. Another feature that makes it a great product is that it has a powerful magnetic surface for quick and easy release.

Additionally, its attractive look will give your kitchen a nice and modern appearance. No matter what you plan to use it for, it can work extremely well in your office, garage, kitchen, or any small metallic cutlery with ease. Since it comes with the necessary hardware for installation, you can mount it on your own without having to hire a professional. Simply follow the guidelines that come with the gadget.

9. Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

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Highlighted features

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for smaller kitchens
  • Saves on drawer space

This magnetic holder is reasonably priced and so it is within reach for all households. It offers an array of features that users will enjoy. It allows convenient access to knives and saves on drawer space as well. When you install this magnetic knife holder in your kitchen, your knives will always be within reach as you prepare food.

That way, you no longer need to spend more time perusing through your cutlery to look for a specific tool that you need. Furthermore, this simplistic magnetic knife holder is made by a potent neodymium magnet to keep your sharp knives firm in position and prevent slippage. And in regards to cleaning, you only need soap and a soft cloth.

10. Kurouto Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder Made in the USA

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Highlighted features

  • Better functionality
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Hangs your knives securely and safely within sight
  • Comes with mounting hardware

This stylish Magnetic knife Holder designed by Kurouto is a favorite of most households for its beautiful appearance and efficient functionality. It is made with 100% Walnut premium hardwood, which enhances its lifespan. This superior Walnut knife holder has a perfect finish made of an all-natural butcher block oil.

If you are worried that installing a steel magnetic holder may dull or damage your knife blades, then a wooden holder is an alternative solution that still works extremely well. Unlike steel knife holders, you never have to deal with rust when you install wooden knife holders.

This Walnut magnetic knife holder features an ultra-strong magnet within the wood that will ensure your largest knife set hangs securely and safely within sight. Therefore, this is a great solution to free up your countertops and eliminate clunky blocks that may dull your knives.

Additionally, this magnetic knife holder features a mounting hardware and simple instructions for easy installation. When you buy this product, you also receive a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied or if it has any damages.

What to consider when buying a magnetic knife holder

There are a few things you need to consider before you choose a specific product. It is important to find a quality knife holder with an excellent grip to keep accidents at bay. Since magnetic knife holders usually hold sharp knives, here are some of the aspects you should consider:


Most magnetic knife holders are usually made from metal, plastic or wood, you should first check the holder. And to achieve that, you need to study your overall kitchen décor and then choose a suitable design. For example if you have a wooden kitchen interior, then you should opt for a wood holder as it complements your décor.

But if you have a contemporary kitchen design, then you should look for a metallic knife holder since it provides a trendy ensemble.


The material used to make the holder matters as well. Hardwood and stainless steel material are commonly used in most knife holders. While steel is less secure, it looks amazing hanging on your kitchen wall.

Then again, hardwood holders are perfect for home use as they have strong earth magnets that hold your knives safely in place. You wouldn’t want your sharp knives to slip off suddenly and harm your hands, right? Wooden surface holders therefore offer a better way to enhance your knives overall lifespan.


Modern knife holders are usually versatile and you can use them to hang other kitchen tools. For instance, you can use a knife holder to hang your keys, binder clips, garage tools, office supplies etc. The hanging strip can be anywhere between 10 and 20 inches. If you want to hang more items, then you should look for an extra sized magnetic knife holder.

Why a magnetic knife holder is an essential kitchen gadget

Installing a magnetic knife holder in your kitchen is more than just saving on space. While it keeps your kitchen neat, it ensures your knives are clean and available for use when needed. Keeping your knives properly separated is important to ensure they last longer and can consistently provide optimal performance.

With a good quality knife holder, it will be much easier to keep your knife collection safe and secure, and prevent them from bumping against other items in the drawers as this can damage their sharpness.

Surely, you will eventually have to sharpen dull knives but this should never be frequent after every use. For that reason, magnetic knife holders are popular kitchen tools for easy knife storage, not to mention that they require easy maintenance as they are simple to clean.

They help to finesse your kitchen due to their simplistic, yet attractive design. And since most magnetic knife holders are versatile and elegant, you can use them to hang other kitchen items.

Benefits of using magnetic knife holders

With regards to extra drawer space, most kitchens often lack spare drawers. However, most kitchens have an open wall space. Luckily, magnetic knife holders can thrive on open spaces as they are easily attached against walls.

On the other hand, they are flexible and can be mounted practically anywhere, both vertically and horizontally. More importantly, they usually come in different sizes, styles and designs, and made of varying materials. The most common materials used to make these holders is wood and stainless steel.

Plus, these kitchen tools are pro-hygiene, especially the steel types – you only need a dry cloth to clean them. They dry fast as well as they are mounted higher in an open space. Nonetheless, you should not place these gadgets in a place that is accessible to pets and children to prevent injuries.

Therefore, proper planning is essential to determine the perfect place for installation to prevent unpleasant accidents. Also, you should be cautious when you are accessing your knives on the magnetic rack as you can easily damage them since the magnet causes pressure on the knives.

How to identify a superior magnetic knife holder

As mentioned earlier, magnetic holders are also convenient for storing other kitchen cutlery, and not just knives. Therefore, most of these gadgets are usually made of powerful neodymium magnets to keep your utensils safe and within easy reach.

The magnet is carefully inside, and is safe, neat and strong. It should have an extended strip that helps to keep your sharp knives tightly attached. You should hear a slap-like rattle when you remove the knife from the rack.

If you want a holder that can handle heavier knives, you should identify the one that has a powerful magnet that can easily support more weight. And when you shop for a magnetic knife holder, you should choose a product that comes with all the necessary accessories, including a manual, installation instructions and mounting equipment.

You should be able to install it without the need of hiring a technician. Also check the design since you will install it in an area that is visible in your kitchen. That said, you need to choose a magnetic knife holder that complements your interior.

Moreover, you should also consider length or size as you compare magnetic knife holders. This will help you determine what items can fit on the strap. Also, this can help to install the tool at a specific area in your kitchen.

Overall, you should take into account your budget as well. Fortunately, magnetic knife holders are suited for all budgets. And contrary to common misconception, high priced magnetic holders don’t usually provide optimal performance.

It is therefore important to research the manufacture and read customer experiences online to know whether you have chosen a tool that is worthy of your money. Here’s the catch; you can find a quality holder at an affordable place if you do thorough research.

Useful installation tips

Once you have purchased a magnetic knife holder, its now time to install it – which is fun to say the least. There are many areas where you can decide to mount the holder. Some of our suggestions include above your kitchen sink, near your stove, and below your kitchen cabinets.

With that said, there are places you should not consider mounting your rack. For example, you should avoid installing the rack on lower areas as they are easily accessible to pets and children.

But if you have limited space, you can choose to hang the holder vertically and then place your knives crosswise. Also, store the knives in a secure manner where they aren’t likely to poke someone. After you have installed your rack, try several knife arrangements until you settle for something you fancy.


If you want to get rid of clutter in your cabinets and kitchen drawers, it might be useful to shop for a decent magnetic knife holder. Ergonomic, durable, and easily mountable, magnetic knife holders can keep your kitchen more organized. It can keep your knives sharp and within reach at all times.

From wooden holders and walnut wood choices to wooden holders, the magnetic knife holders mentioned in this article are some of the best in the industry. They are made by reputable companies that have relevant experience in manufacturing quality products.

While most magnetic knife holders have a simple design, their practicality and optimal functionality makes them a useful kitchen tool.

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