The Best Paring knife Epitomises Duality in Your Kitchen

A quality paring knife is an essential tool to have in the kitchen if you enjoy cooking. While most traditional cooking knives are bulky, a paring knife offers more maneuverability. What’s more, it's suited for tasks that require precision handling when peeling apples or deveining shrimp on the cutting board. And though you might not use a paring knife frequently, you will definitely find it useful in the kitchen for a variety of tasks.

Here is a review of some of the best paring knives on the market and the key features that make them useful. After comparing some of the top paring knives, I have realized one notable thing, quality isn’t cheap! Without further ado, let’s dive right in the review.

Top Pick

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The J.A Henckels International Classic paring knife is our best pick for its long lasting sharpness and optimal durability. This versatile paring knife is made from durable German stainless steel.  And though it’s slightly expensive, it does guarantee excellent cutting precision and long-lasting sharpness.

Therefore, if you want a comfortable and well balanced paring knife, you can never go wrong with the J.A Henckels paring knife.

Budget Pick

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If you have a limited budget, the Wusthof paring knife is an excellent choice. This is a renowned brand that lives up to its reputation. It has a 3.5 inch blade that is made from carbon stainless steel, which allows precision cutting with a razor-sharp blade that maintains its sharpness longer.

Moreover, its ergonomic handle is tightly fastened with three durable rivets for a more comfortable grip. And though this knife is corrosion resistant, you should avoid cleaning it in the dishwasher.

10 Best Paring Knife Reviews on Amazon

1. J.A. Henckels Classic Paring Knife

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Highlighted Features

  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Made from high quality German stainless steel

Made in Spain, this quality paring knife is made from superior German stainless steel. It’s designed into perfect shape to ensure optimal durability, with a seamless transition from handle to blade. And though it’s slightly expensive than most paring knives, it guarantees better cutting precision and long-lasting sharpness.

If you want a comfortable and well balanced paring knife, then this is a great choice. What’s more, it has an ergonomic handle that is triple riveted for balance and optimal. It’s sharp blade allows effortless shaping, peeling, and cutting of veggies and fruits. But though you can clean it in your dishwasher, hand washing is recommended.

2. Wusthof Classic Paring Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Triple-riveted handle for ease of use
  • POM, ergonomic handle
  • Retains sharpness longer
  • Comfortable grip

This is the best knife brand on the market known for its versatile features. It contains a 3 inch blade that is manufactured from carbon stainless steel that gives it a sharp edge. More importantly, the blade remains sharp for longer.

It’s POM, ergonomic handle is held into position with rivets that offer an excellent grip. And with a Wusthof logo and black finish, the handle gives it a classic look. Even though the knife doesn’t rust easily, hand washing is recommended. That means you need to avoid cleaning it in your dishwasher!

This classic paring knife is ideal for passionate cooks who intend to use frequently in the kitchen. And while it is expensive that most conventional kitchen knives, what you get in terms of durability and reliability is worth the extra dollars.

3. Zelite Infinity Paring Knife

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Highlighted Features

  • Full-tang construction
  • Visually stunning
  • Stain and corrosion resistant
  • Better edge retention

Besides having superior edge retention, this quality paring knife is corrosion and stain resistance. The blade is visually stunning and offers better performance, while ensuring minimal resistance when slicing meat.

Additionally, it’s constructed by modern technology and the full tang construction offers longevity and balance. It’s made from superior Japanese materials for superior durability. Another thing that makes this a popular choice for many is that it makes you feel like a professional chef.

It’s triple riveted ergonomic handle is heat and moisture resistant, and is robust and durable as well. For better user experience, customers receive a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The knife is great for mincing, trimming, skinning, peeling, and shaping veggies and fruits to prepare delicious meals.

4. Rada Cutlery Paring Knife Set

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Highlighted features

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy storage
  • Comfortable handle

Getting a brand new paring knife is awesome, right? How about getting three paring knives at one go?
The Rada Cutlery set comes with three quality paring knives, each suited for a specific task. The set includes a quality peeling paring knife, the traditional paring knife, and a large paring knife for heavy duty kitchen tasks.

This knife has a sharp stainless steel blade that stays sharper longer. All knives in the Rada paring cutlery set have visually appealing aluminum handles that provide a comfortable grip. Moreover, this set comes with a small stylish case that allows easy storage.

While these knives are durable, hand washing is recommended to increase their lifespan. And if you have a limited budget, then you’ll definitely enjoy this product. With a lifetime limited warranty, you never have to worry about manufacturing defects whatsoever.

5. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Paring Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Affordable
  • Stays sharp longer
  • Versatile

This is a popular culinary brand known for manufacturing premium quality kitchenware. Decently priced, this forged paring knife has a lot to offer. It is impressively sharp notwithstanding its inexpensive price tag. The only complaint amongst most customers is its weight. As compared to other paring knives, the Mercer Culinary forged blade has a bulky handle.

On the other hand, it’s shape makes peeling quite a challenging experience. Overall, this is a great paring knife for versatile use in the kitchen.

6. Global Paring Knife

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Highlighted Features

  • Well balanced
  • Unique comfortable handle
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Versatile

This versatile paring knife allows non-slippery maneuvering due to its beautifully designed ergonomic handle. The comfortable handle offers maximum comfort that is ideal for peeling.

And thanks to its hollow handle, this all-purpose knife is well balanced for superior slicing experience that will make you feel like an expert cook. The best thing is that you can still use the knife with wet hands due to its indentations.

While it’s an expensive purchase, it’s a great long-term investment. The blade is designed to stay sharp longer and will perform optimally at all times. With great care, the knife will serve you longer. Also, passionate cooks love it as it is lightweight for ease of use.

7. Victorinox Swiss Paring Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Made from superior European steel

Popular for designing premium kitchenware, the Victorinox brand delivers yet another high quality product – the Swiss Army paring knife. Though it has a shorter blade, it is perfect for intricate kitchen tasks like carving or peeling veggies and fruits. Made from quality European steel, the knife has sharp tapered blade with amazing edge retention.

Its textured and ergonomic handle has a finger guard that prevents your fingers from moving towards the sharp blade. And since it is lightweight, you won’t feel fatigue after an hour of chopping or peeling. Moreover, you can clean the knife in your dishwasher without worrying about damaging it.

The knife is fairly priced and comes with lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Therefore, if your knife has any manufacturing issue, you can request for a replacement.

8. Dalstrong Gladiator Series Paring Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle
  • Stain resistant

If you want an awesome knife designed by exceptional craftsmanship, you can never go wrong with the Dalstrong paring knife. With an eye catching design and stylish Pakkawood handle, this paring knife is engineered for durability and perfection.

You can also use it as a boning knife since it has a longer blade and good handle shape. The blade is stain resistant and precision tampered. And with a sharp edge, this all-purpose paring knife is ideal for a busy kitchen.

With Rockwell hardness, the blade is tapered to enhance flexibility, allowing least slicing resistance. The knife is perfectly weighted and feels easy on your hand, and is stain and water resistant. Additionally, it comes with a protective sheath that allows easy storage. Easy to clean and hand sharpened, you will never go wrong with the Dalstrong paring knife.

9. Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives

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Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Non-stick stainless steel blade
  • Has a protective sheath
  • Comes in a set of 3 quality knives

This stylish set of paring knives comes in matching sheaths that offer optimal protection. The set includes red, blue, and yellow paring knives. And if you don’t like the traditional gray or black knife models, this vibrant set is certainly an ideal choice for you.

But, don’t be deceived by their attractive colors -these knives are extremely sharp with superior performance. They offer flexibility and versatility, and you can use them in the kitchen to chop veggies and cheese slices.

With a non-stick superior blade, the knives offer durability and high sharpness. And since they are non-sticky, it is easier to cut food items. This stylish set is therefore an excellent option for outdoor use like camping since it has protective sheaths to keep you safe. Overall, these paring knife are safe and easy to use.

10. Chicago Cutlery Tradition Paring Knife

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Highlighted features

  • Comfortable walnut handle
  • Superior carbon stainless steel
  • 3 sharp knives
  • Lifetime guarantee

If you are looking for a knife with a rustic, country feel, then you will love the Chicago paring knife kitchen set. The set includes 3 quality carbon steel knives perfect for smaller chopping and peeling tasks. However, it features a sharp-razor edge that is well tapered on both sides.

The knife has a signature feature – the trendy walnut handle, which adds character and sturdiness to the knives. The handle is tightened with brass rivets for added toughness. Moreover, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Simplistic but versatile, this superior paring knife is an ideal option for use in the kitchen even if you don’t have cooking experience. The knife is affordable and it is available in different styles. And if you don’t want a knife with a slant tip, simply choose another quality paring knife from the brand.

Things to consider when buying a paring knife

When shopping for a paring knife there are a few things you should consider to ensure you make an informed purchase. Here are some of the aspects you need to keep in mind.


If you enjoy cooking and know how to select a quality knife, then you understand that money is not an issue as far as quality is concerned. If you want a premium paring knife, you may end up spending slightly more.

As you compare paring knives in terms of cost, you should find a model that is well constructed and stays sharper longer.

But if you don’t intend to use the knife frequently, then you should find an inexpensive paring knife. However, in most cases, you might have to spend more to upgrade to a superior brand if you want a quality paring knife with maximum durability and ease of use.

That said, you need to do thorough research to find the best reasonably priced paring knife. Overall, you should never sacrifice quality by settling for a cheap priced paring knife that doesn’t work as advertised.


Another essential aspect you need to consider is whether the knife you select is comfortable to use. If you are a professional cook, then you understand the importance of having a knife with the right weight. For example, if you are a newbie cook, you should opt for a lightweight paring knife that is easier to use.

But if you have experience working with different types of knives, you can try out several paring knives to understand how they work. There is no ideal weight when it comes to choosing the most suitable paring knife for your kitchen tasks. It all comes down to personal preference!


Paring knives often come in two types: stamped and forged

Stamped knives – They are made by machines that beat on pieces of steel. Afterwards, the edge is properly sharpened once the blade has been constructed. And though stamped knives aren’t superior as forged knives, you can find plenty of decent stamped knives that work extremely well.

Forged Knives — They are manufactured by steel that has been applied extreme heat, and then molded perfectly into the right shape. Forged knives are higher quality than most stamped knives. And knives made through the intricate forging process have a stronger blade that’s not prone to damage or bending.


Essentially, weight and balance are usually related in terms of finding a comfortable knife that is easy to use. If the knife doesn’t have a well balanced weight on both sides, chopping or slicing might be quite difficult.

Unfortunately, you cannot really know if a specific paring knife has proper balance without holding it. If you aren’t in a position to hold the knife, read reviews online to see what customers are saying about the product.


Choosing a knife that can stay sharp longer is very important. Therefore, you need to do research to identify a quality paring knife that doesn’t require frequent sharpening. And with respect to checking whether the knife you’ve chosen has superior quality, find out how often it needs sharpening.

Also find out if the knife is safe to use. And though you may accidentally cut yourself when using a sharp knife, you are more likely to get injured when struggling to use a knife with a blunt blade. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether a knife has the desired sharpness if you are buying it online.

And even when you buy it at the store, you can’t tell how sharp it is unless you put it into practical use. That is where reviews come in handy – find out what other customers are saying about its frequency of sharpening.

Comfortable handle

Another essential factor you need to check is the handle comfort. In most cases, handle comfort will depend on the type of material used, be it wood or plastic, as well as the weight and shape of it. Generally, comfortability will depend on factors such as hand size and shape of the handle. Again, this depends on your personal preference.


Most of the categories mentioned above have a role to play as far as efficiency is concerned. A knife with a comfortable handle is easier to use and will make food preparation more pleasant. On the other hand, having a sharp knife will make it easier to chop things.

That means you need to use an appropriate knife for the task at hand to make work much easier in the kitchen. This is the reason why knives come in different styles so that you can choose the best option that suits your needs.

Maintenance practices

Also consider whether the paring knife you buy is corrosion or rust resistance. For example, some knives options are usually more vulnerable to corrosion or rusting than others. So if you don’t enjoy cleaning cutlery by hand, you may have to look for a knife quality that’s less prone to rusting.

Moreover, most paring knives require sharpening from time to time. But if you want to avoid this chore altogether, then you should buy a knife that will stay sharper longer.

Material used

You will realize that most kitchen knives are made of stainless steel known for its durability and strength. On the other hand, some knives are made of high carbon steel and they are sturdier and stronger. Knives made of carbon are less durable and prone to stains and rust. That is why you shouldn’t  clean them frequently.

While not durable as knives made of stainless steel, ceramic knives are a great alternative. They are lightweight and stay sharp longer. However, they are usually difficult to sharpen and you may need professional assistance rather than sharpen them at home.


All kitchenware needs to be stored somewhere and if you bake or cook a lot, then you certainly have a lot of stuff in your kitchen drawers. That said, before you buy new paring knives, you should consider if you have enough storage space.

Proper use

If you want to ensure you get the most value from your paring knife for a wholesome experience, here are some of the things you need to consider. Avoid using paring knives on cutting boards and instead use it by free hand.

First, you should make incisions using the sharp blade and then carefully slide the knife over the veggies or meat using minimal pressure. Repeat this process without touching the interior flesh.


Sheath or holder – Fortunately, some knives have a protective sheath that you can use as cover to maximize it’s lifespan. A sheath is also important in preventing the blade from bumping against other cutlery in the kitchen.

Knife rack – It is important to have a good quality knife rack as this is key in storing superior quality kitchen knives. With a knife rack, your knives will take minimal space in the kitchen while preventing them from bumping against other kitchenware.

Knife sharpener – You will have to sharpen your paring knives at some point in time. Therefore, after you invest in a set of superior kitchen knives, you should also invest in a decent sharpener to keep your knives sharp so as to enhance their lifespan.


Paring knives are perfect for professional cooks and passionate home cooks as well. They are excellent in slicing and chopping without any prospect of injuring yourself. Moreover, these superior knives have razor-sharp blades that allow easy maneuverability. And the comfortable handle offers better control during food preparation.

The good thing is that paring knives have a stunning design and they come in different styles. All you need to do is find the perfect paring knife that suits your needs. But if you have a limited budget, you can still find a decent paring knife.

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