The Best Steak Knife to Redefine your Sunday Barbecues

If you love preparing a dish of stake to enjoy with family on get-togethers, it is important to have the right steak knife. This is the only way to ensure you can cut through your steak effortlessly and serve it well.

A quality steak knife should be comfortable to hold, have an elegant design, and performs efficiently. However, since there are different types of steak knives in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right steak knife for home use.

That said, how do you choose the best steak knife that has all the essential features? Well, there’s no need for you to worry. Below are some of the best steak knives available, as well as some of their top features to help you make an informed decision.

Top Pick

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Made in Germany, Wusthof 9716 Classic IKON Knives are our top pick in this review for their beautiful design and optimum performance. These knives are made from superior high carbon stainless steel and come in an elegant silver finish. Their blades are exceptionally sharp as they are manufactured with advanced laser technology. Also, they have well designed bolsters that allow you to cut with ease.

Budget Pick

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With an impressive design, quality materials and superior technology, Cuisinart C77TR-6PSK Triple Rivet knife set is our budget pick. Made by premium craftsmanship, this knife set comes with a comfy grip and is triple riveted for extra durability. It also comes with a stylish protective sheath that makes it easy to store your knives.

Best Steak Knife Reviews 2020

1. Enso HD

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Highlighted features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cozy handle for better control
  • Made in Japan
  •  Durable double bevel edges

Looking for a premium ? If so, this  comes with a selection of quality knives that have a patterned design. With a durable steel construction, these knives have an excellent cutting core that offer you a seamless cutting motion when preparing steak.

Moreover, these knives have 37 strong layers of Damascus stainless steel. So the resilience, strength, and longevity of these knives is superior to other steak knives. The handles have an elegant wooden like texture and are made from quality black canvas. The best thing about this material is that it’s long lasting and easy to clean.

With a unique handcrafted design, these knives have an intricate and beautiful finish, as well as longer lifespan. Each blade is specially constructed for optimal performance and the double bevel edges allow both left and right-handed cutting. This knife set also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Wusthof Gourmet 6-Piece Steak Knife

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Highlighted Features

  • Rust resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made from laser-crafted carbon steel
  • Long-term sharpness

This  comes with 6 quality knives that boast of an ergonomic design. Their blade is super sharp and is manufactured by high quality carbon stainless steel designed for precise cutting. The blades offer high sharpness long-term, and require easy maintenance.

What’s more, the synthetic triple-riveted polypropylene handle isn’t vulnerable to fading or discoloration. This knife set comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well. Since Wusthof has a renowned reputation in the cutlery industry, they have been producing quality products that stand the test of time.

Additionally, this knife set is made from laser-crafted carbon steel. That way, the knife will preserve its sharpness and edge for an extended period of time and won’t dull or corrode. It feels light and good on your hands, and can even tackle the toughest of steak to provide you a pleasant cooking experience.

3. Dalstrong Steak Knives Set

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Highlighted features

  • Full tang construction and straight-edge blades provide optimal performance
  • Pakkawood ergonomic handle for durability
  • Superior German steel blades for effortless tearing or shredding of meat

The DALSTRONG knife set has become popular in many households as it often comes with stylish protective sheaths. Although they don’t have a unique presentation box, they are beautifully presented and can make a perfect gift. Their sharp blades are made by full tang construction that guarantees balance and product lifespan.

Made from superior German steel known for its durability, all the blades have been hand sharpened for an optimal cutting experience as you prepare steak. These steak knives can cut your steak with precision, regardless of whether it is overcooked or tough. Also, each blade has rock hollow dents to ensure the sliced cuts don’t attach to the blade.

They  also include traditionally shaped wooden handles held securely using three durable rivets. Similar to the handle, all the blades are made from high quality materials for extra durability. The handles are comfortable in your hand to offer perfect balance, which gives you better control when slicing steak. Overall, this is an effective  that is reasonably priced. It comes with a guarantee as well!

4. In Gift Box By La Mongoose

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Highlighted features

  • Sculptured grip for better control
  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle
  • Full-tang construction
  • Sharp serrated blades
  • Comes with a storage case

This  comes in a unique beechwood case for easy storage. It has attractive wooden handles and is an excellent gift idea for your family during the festive season. The knives are made from high quality stainless steel construction, which makes them more durable for long-term use.

In addition to having sharp German steel blades, these knives also deliver on performance. The blades have sharp edges due to their high-carbon content, and this makes them ideal for carving or slicing your steak cuts with precision.

The knives have long blades that allow you to work on tough steak and can curve slightly, which makes the cutting process more effortless. Moreover, the blades are serrated and this makes them easier to sharpen than straight edge blade knives. Plus, their full-tang construction enhances their longevity and strength.

The handles are ergonomically designed and give off a decent mahogany vibe for comfort and better grip. Overall, this knife set comes with a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

5.  Victorinox Straight-Edge

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Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic riveted handle
  • Made from high carbon steel
  • Resistant to water damage
  • Has a trendy box for easy storage

With regular proper maintenance, this knife set can serve you longer. The knife set comes in a trendy box that is perfect for secure storage and you can use it as a gift for special occasions. Moreover, these straight edge steak knives have an ergonomic design and pointed tip, which prevents the blade from breaking.

It also increases the resistance needed for optimal slicing. The blades are aesthetically looking and riveted handles prevent slippage when cutting through steak. Moreover, they give your dining table a touch of class and elegance.

And due to its intricate design, you never have to worry about discomfort or pressure when slicing your steak. The knife set also comes with water-resistant coating that is easy to clean and hold.

6. CUTCO Classic steak knives

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Highlighted Features

  • Full-tang construction
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Hollow ground edges
  • Large serrations
  • Ergonomic & stylish

This awesome set of steak knives are made from rust resistant steel. The blades are very sharp and will help you to slice through some the most tough steak. And since these knives are heat tampered, their edge will remain sharp longer.

Also, the knives don’t just look good, they work optimally as well. Their sharp serrated blades allow effortless slicing and cutting as compared to any other kitchen knife.

The knife is ergonomically designed to offer user comfort. And with a full-tang construction, the knives are durable and strong, too. More importantly, the knives have a hollow ground that prevents meat from sticking onto the blade as you slice your meat.

7. AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Kitchen

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Highlighted features

  • Sharp serrated blade edges
  • Full tang construction for balance and durability
  • Full bolster protects your fingers from getting cut
  • Triple-riveted handle offers optimal durability and feels cozy in your hand

While you can consider other fancier steak knives, the AmazonBasic Premium  is a simple option yet efficient in cutting steak. Reasonably priced than most steak knives, it still has amazing features as it is made from high quality construction materials.

The blades feature a full tang construction and will serve you longer without falling apart. Combined with triple-riveted handles and a sturdy ergonomic design, they have substantial balance and feel good in your hand for a smooth cutting experience.

Additionally, the sharp blade edges are serrated and don’t require sharpening. And though they are helpful in preparing your steak, their deep teeth can tear up the meat. Nonetheless, they still perform optimally as any other superior steak knife.

Besides having a traditional design, they have a bolster that protects your fingers when slicing steak. This helps to keep injuries at bay as you slice through your steak. Overall, it comes with a one-year warranty, too.

8. International J.A. Henckels Steel 8-Piece

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Highlighted features

  • No sharpening required
  • Serrated edges
  • Made from superior quality stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher friendly

This  is simple yet boasts of a gorgeous stainless appearance. With a durable full-tang construction, you are assured that you are utilizing a strong set of knives designed to serve you longer. Additionally, these steak knives are rust-resistant due to their stainless steel construction. Plus, your guests can enjoy their steak with these stylish looking knives neatly on the table.

Another feature that makes these steak knives popular is their use of serrated sharp edges that maintain their sharpness longer. Put simply. They don’t need sharpening whatsoever! Additionally, they are dishwasher friendly and you never have to worry about corrosion.

Here’s the catch; if you aren’t sure whether you have bought the best steak knives, the J.A. Henckels  comes with a lifetime warranty. Overall, this is a decent product that works optimally at all times.

9. Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Basics Steakhouse Knife Set

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Highlighted features

  • Ergonomic and triple-riveted wooden handles
  • Tapered sharp edges
  • Full tang construction for balance and maximum stability
  • High quality stainless blades for durability and strength

Do you want classy looking steak knives? If so, these steak knives have an authentic feel complete with wide blades and wooden handles. With superior sharp blades, this knife set is perfect for slicing through home-cooked steaks. And while they are inexpensive, their full metal construction offers longevity and great balance, which is something that makes a quality steak knife.

Moreover, due to their tapered grind finish, their blades will retain their sharpness longer for maximum efficacy. The handles are traditionally designed and triple-riveted, and provide better control while slicing through steak. However, the handles might feel somewhat bulky but this ultimately depends on your hand size.

Thanks to their classic traditional look combined with an excellent price, this knife set is a popular choice in most households. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, and is durable and chunky. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

10. Emojoy of Serrated Knives

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Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Made from high quality carbon blades
  • Sturdy and practical

This inexpensive  features superior knives that are made of superior carbon steel. The knives are strong, sturdy, and practical but their blades are vulnerable to stain and rust. Moreover, their ergonomic designed Pakkawood handles make the knives more durable and can withstand pressure without tearing the meat.

If you want to cut your steak with precision and sharp blades that can maintain their edge longer, then this is an ideal knife set for home use. It’s design offers both practicality and functionality. And though it is slightly expensive when compared to other steak knives, it surprisingly delivers on performance.

With these superior steak knives, slicing through your steak barbeque will become a walk in the park. These knives help to make the slicing process effortless and enjoyable, too.

Factors to consider when buying a steak knife

There are many reasons why you should invest in a quality set of home steak-knives. Here are some of the factors to consider to ensure you buy a superior quality .

Sharper blades

It is important to buy steak knives with sharp blades to avoid tearing your meat while slicing. A blunt knife can shred your steak meat haphazardly and cause the wastage of flavorsome juices. Therefore, it pays to invest in a sharp set of steak knives with crafted edges to slice through your steak with ease. That way, you can enjoy a scrumptious barbeque with guests without having to hire a professional chef.

Easy to hold and use

We all agree that sharpness alone doesn’t cut it! If it were the main factor, you can use your freshly-honed knives to slice through steak. A good steak knife should be easy to hold and properly balanced, thereby allowing you to cut through your steak with precision and without difficulty.

It should feel comfortable in your hand as you slice through your scrumptious peace of steak. So, you should find a set of steak knives that are ergonomic designed for better control.


Remember that steak knives should be sharp and sturdy to use. That said, you should identify a superior set of kitchen steak knives made of a sturdy and superior construction. That means they shouldn’t be vulnerable to wobble after extensive use. Ideally, find a steak knife with full tang construction to ensure the blades don’t slip from the handle unpredictably.

Additionally, an ergonomic shaped handle keeps injuries at bay while slicing your steak using sharp knives. On the other hand, bolsters help to keep your hand in position so that you can use the correct cutting pressure without cuts and slips.

Type of occasion

If you have a gorgeous looking steak, it would be unfortunate to slice it using beaten-up, traditional kitchen knives. This means you need to look for a premium quality steak knife to make your cuts extra special.

Stylish steak knives are excellent conversation starters as well, and guests will definitely appreciate your effort.

Type of edge

Steak knives usually have different blades and here are some of the common distinctions.

Plain blades

While plain edged knives are less traditional, they are now popular than ever before. Commonly referred to as straight edge steak knives, they are often razor-sharp when they are new, but quickly become blunt after regular use. Nonetheless, unlike serrated kitchen knives, plain blades are very easy to sharpen.

So, if you invest in a plain edge steak knife, you should look for a superior knife sharpener to keep your steak knives in pristine condition and always ready to use.

Serrated blades

Generally, serrated blades usually have saw-like teeth similar to a saw. That means serrated edges typically have a longer lifespan. And unlike most straight-edge steak knives, serrated blades usually have grooves on their teeth.

While the teeth might become blunt after prolonged use, the grooves often remain super sharp and maintenance-free. To freshen up the blade, you can use a specialized sharpener that is available in most online stores.


You will find micro-serrated blades on inexpensive steak knives. Though most people don’t like them, if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on an expensive steak knife, they offer you a quality cutting experience at a low price.

Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to sharpen. So, if that means you will pay slightly more for a serrated or straight edged steak knife, you should consider this feature to ensure you get a knife that will serve you longer.

Blade material

Most superior steak knives are typically made of stainless steel for extra durability. But stainless steel often comes in different qualities. For example, expensive steak knives have a superior stainless steel construction for enhanced strength and resistance to stains or corrosion.

Other superior quality steak knives usually have high carbon content, which is lightweight and easier to sharpen. Additionally, it can maintain its sharp edge longer even with regular use.


Most steak knives are V-shaped or hollow grind, which is ideal for cutting through steak with ease. Steak knives that are V shaped are super sharp. On the other hand, some steak knives have a level grind. Knives with this type of grind are usually less sharp as compared to those that have a V shaped grind.

Handle type

Essentially, steak knives are usually riveted with a full tang construction for durability. However, some steak knives may have different handle types, particularly contemporary style or Japanese style knives.

For example, traditionally shaped handles are often made from plastic or wood and will have three rivets that ensure the handle is always firm in position. Ergonomically designed, they can fit comfortably in your hand and reduce the chance of slippage while slicing steak.

Moreover, traditional steak knife handles usually have bolsters that form a buffer between the blade and the handle. This helps to keep accidents at bay while providing your fingers a cozy rest while eating.

Contemporary and Japanese style handles are normally made from plastic or wood. Additionally, they are often flatter and narrower than knives with tradition style handles. Also, they don’t have an ergonomic design common in traditional steak knives.

With these types of blades, they rely on a perfect balance between the ergonomic handle and the blade. But if you are a newbie cook, then this might feel uncomfortable at first. However, you will become good at it after frequent use.


Regardless of whether you enjoy barbequing or simply love cooking, having a decent set of superior quality steak knives will come in handy for home use. Well-balanced, easy to use, and effortless slicing through tough steak with minimal effort, steak knives are essential kitchen tools that will make your cooking experience enjoyable and memorable.

While all the steak knives mentioned above make excellent choices, the Wusthof steak knife is our top favorite for its many useful features. With super sharp blade and outstanding edge retention, this elegant steak knife truly delivers optimal results. However, if you aren’t comfortable spending too much on a steak knife, our budget pick is an excellent option.

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